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I joined Boulder Media, an award-winning animation studio in Dublin, in the summer of 2017 as the Junior Editor of a new Hasbro television series "Micronauts".

My responsibilities as Junior Editor include editing the boards I receive from the story boarding artists to create animatics. I include dialogue, sound effects and music and work on the timings of panels and drawings to help bring the episode to life.

I work closely on these edits with episodic directors as well as the production director. I get feedback from production on the exports and work with their notes to satisfy their requirements. 

I also assemble the animated clips I receive from the animation department and work with the director to finalize timings and the overall episode before it gets sent for the online edit out of house. 

It has been an incredible experience to work with my team to bring our show from script to screen. This role has been a great opportunity to develop my skills, become comfortable with different softwares, and explore my creativity in bringing a show to life.

Below is my 2018 animatic showreel showcasing scenes from an episode of BBC's Danger Mouse.