My name is Mike Andrews. I am coming to Vancouver to live and work this June and I am bringing 5 years of post production and editing experience with me. I have worked in both live action and animation and I currently work for Boulder Media, a major animation studio in Dublin, Ireland. There, I am a Junior Editor on a major industry television series. 

When it comes to editing, nothing gives me more creative pleasure. I see editing as a core component of storytelling. Editing shapes the tone of the world in which the story is being told. It is something I am immensely passionate about, and I give every project a lot of love and my own personal creative flair. 

I am eager to contribute to the production and animation scene in Vancouver as I’ve heard it’s a real player in the editing world. If you want to learn more from me, please see the following videos and feel free to contact me via my mobile or email

Email: Mike.AndrewsFTV@gmail.com

Mobile: 00 353 85 152 6769